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Launch of webmasters park as webmasters forums

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by admin, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Webmasterspark is launched as a vision of complete webmasters forum. We are at initial stages of growing this community to help millions of webmasters with their daily problems at single place.

    To run and maintain a community like this is a difficult task. It requires software licences and a team of good developers who can manage and add new functionalities as addons. This forum software needs addons and custom coded functionalities. Luckily the admin of this forum is an expert Php programmer who can code many of the functionalities. But still we need content writers to write initial content for webmasters forum.

    Our long term goals for webmasters forum are:

    A real webmasters forum:
    There are many webmasters forums already working on the internet but they are either blog type forums that have single person writing affiliate posts. To redirect visitors for personal affiliate commissions. We believe that a person doing affiliate marketing cannot give sincere advice. In this webmasters forum we will never allow anyone to post affiliate links below threads. Only webmasters can write and discuss with others about their issues. We believe this way we can help many others to do better with their online business. We will add categories and contents based on mutual suggestions and discussions. In short it would not be a single person controlled community. Others are free to discuss or criticize things over here. We will gradually create different sub forums for all your needs.

    A real market place along with webmasters forum:

    We believe that our community would be webmasters centered. Most of the community members would be webmasters and web developers or entrepreneurs who have established online businesses or they are just starting up in the field. This way we can help new people and old webmasters also. In terms of market place everyone would be allowed to buy or sell domains /websites free of cost in the dedicated forums only. The deals would be done based on users reputation (We will code the fool proof functionality for this).

    Hiring Technical people using this webmasters forum:

    Running an online business is not an easy thing. Many people are required with different expertise like, Web developers, Designers,Content writers, Marketers, etc etc. We will allow webmasters to post requests to hire new technical team from this webmasters forum all FREE OF COST. But we will for sure create a reviews system and other methods to verify the people who bid or ask you for work. Right now this system is not implemented so we recommend you to do due diligence before you hire anyone from here.

    Our Short term Goals for this webmasters forum:

    Creation of appropriate forums:

    Our first step to achieve our long term goals for this webmasters forum is to create appropriate forums. Initially we have created these forums:

    Inviting Webmasters to this forum:

    We are well aware about the cheats being done at some webmasters forums. Thats why we will lead from the front. We have some best online communities and forums running. We will use our portals to invite webmasters here.

    But you can also help us in many ways by telling others about this webmasters forum.

    About Me:
    I am H.B Omer. A software engineer and professional web developer. I also run some other blogs and forums.


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