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SEO Google August Core Algorithm Update


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My View On Google August Core Algorithm Update and How You Can Improve Ranking
Google is becoming more Asian than Americans who don't reveal information no matter what unlike Panda, Penguin, and Humming Bird.

Remember this sentence:

Google brings updates to improve the quality of the web results.

Google spends millions of dollars on it; it is the part where most money comes from.

How might Google be improving the web results without saying anything?

The answer may be complicated. For example, there are more than 200 factors that influence the ranking of any given keyword in SERP.

Now think the change like this:

Bloggers Funda Team (Google Team) held a meeting of top 10 best admins (best engineers) and asked them to determine which should be the orders of ranking factors.

One said the keyword in the title should be given 15% more weight, the keyword in the external linking should be given 5% less weight, the backlink from expired domain should be 20% less so on and so.

How You Can Improve Ranking.
For this, you must be using Keyword Tracking Tool, and check which keywords lost ranking.

Then search for the given keyword in SERP and check the top 10 results or the results that have surpassed you.

Then look so intensely as if you watch Spider-Man jumping into your home.

See the keyword in the title, URL, inside the article, the anchor text, the loading speed of the article, total time to stay on your site and his site etc.

Then do the same or 10x better.

Don't forget to see the backlinks effect too.

I hope it would help.